Tony Snow

Tony Snow is the owner of the Dive Locker and the man with the Vision that has built the Dive Locker into the premiere dive center in the Southeast. He’s a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, an accomplished, devout scuba enthusiast who has traveled extensively all over the globe to exotic dive destinations. When it comes to scuba diving, scuba equipment and dive destinations, you’ll never meet a more knowledgeable person. Come in and see Tony, the “Monty Hall” of the dive industry and get the best deals on dive gear you’ll find anywhere.

Susan Snow

Susie is Tony’s better half and co-owner of the Dive Locker. She is also the Official Social Director for the Dive Locker and organizes all the parties, tournaments and events the Dive Locker puts on. Susie is a fantastic lady and a great diver… whenever she’s around you can bet that everyone is having a great time. As you can see from the photo she is also the LOBSTER QUEEN of the Emerald Coast. Susie can find the “bugs” when no one else can.


Our Instructors


Keith Gault

Keith Gault learned to dive in 1987 in the frigid waters of the great, white north. After 10 years of diving and freezing in a wetsuit, Keith purchased a dry-suit then moved to Florida to work in diving research for the US Navy. Keith earned his PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating in 2001 and is also certified to work on most of the popular brands of dive gear. Keith is a certified cave and technical diver. He dives whenever possible in fresh or salt water… he just doesn’t like to dry out. Keith serves as both an Instructor and Technician for the Dive Locker.

Jan Dvorak

jan-dvorakJan is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer that has a passion for Tech diving. When he’s not teaching, on the boat, or in the shop you’ll find him playing with his side mounts.


Nick Busbey

nick-busbeyNick Busbey is a Divemaster & Instructor at Dive Locker. When he’s not busy with the Marines, he sometimes plays in the water.


Nicole Goodson

Nicole Goodson is a part-time fill in instructor at Dive Locker. When she is not in the water, Nicole likes watching a good sunset.


*All of our Instructors are trained in Emergency Management, First Aid and CPR. They are also all trained to deliver emergency Oxygen.

**Some of the classes at the Dive Locker are taught using a team of Instructors, rarely are our students handed from Instructor to Instructor. Usually, we will work together as a team throughout the course to increase the amount of supervision provided to our classes.


Our Dive Masters

Jess Cook

Anyone that has ever been diving in Panama City Beach knows Jess. He is an EXCEPTIONAL Dive Master and a Great Diver.

He’s worked dive charters for years. When Jess is on your charter you’re gonna’ have a great time, and you can “take that to the BANK!”